Saturday, December 24, 2011

King's Grill, Valdosta GA

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A Girl With Moxie said...

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I live in downtown Valdosta...and I just started following your blog!

Our downtown had only really begun an in-depth restoration about 4-5 years ago (you were spot on there) and we are getting more and more support from the community as a destination place. It has been awesome to see the massive changes since I moved here in 2003! I hope you come back to our lovely downtown since we have a new Main Street Director (Amanda Peacock) who is a vibrant and passionate individual...especially about keeping the oldies like King's Grill around while adding and encourage new additions to the area.

King's Grill is a great establishment and is owned by a dear friend of mine and his family. While it is certainly short on glamor, it definitely has heart. They also use real butter. Score!

My friend Jessica owns Red Door and I hope that you get a chance to stop by and visit her eclectic establishment. Her dogs are cheap and good, and the same goes for the records. Her store is also a hub for hipster and professional alike. You can talk local shop, discuss bike races and find out about numerous charity events in the span of 5 minutes! Definitely worth it!

You can follow me and my mundane life at My next project after the holidays is to begin documenting the historic area of downtown Valdosta. I'll send you the link when I get started if you're interested.


Jennifer Keene

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

Oh, absolutely. I don't see us heading back through your town in the near future - the next trip back from Jacksonville, I'd like to go via Waycross - but I sure did like what I saw. Colyer's Jeweler has such a great sign and I imagine that there is more. Thank you for reading!

A Girl With Moxie said...

Thanks! I've really enjoyed your blog!

Oh, and I'm originally from Waycross but I've gone so long that I don't much about the food scene. Although a friend told me about an old BBQ joint that I need to try. Can't remember the name but I'll ask him and pass it along to you. May be worth a trip! :)