Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Man BBQ & Grill, Dillard GA

Hello! We have moved! Come visit us in our new home!


Lydia said...

wow only 45% like-our family has been staying at the chalets at dillard every memorial weekend for the last 8 +/- years. we LOVE mountain man. my MIL gets ribs, smoked chicken, and pizza every year. great potato salad (very mustardy). we always do take out so don't know about service, but the folks there have always been nice-my MIL is one TOUGH cookie to please-she's always been pleased with Mtn man.

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

It's certainly good. I also like Oinkers, but I think I like this more. Maybe we'll get to try Tomlin's, one of the other Dillard restaurants, sometime soon. I also want to motor over to Hiawassee and visit Smoke Rings BBQ.