Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gigi's Cupcakes

Hello! We have moved! Come visit us in our new home!


Lydia said...

i adore cupcakes and have been to the gigi's location in buckhead a couple times. i usually scrap off all the icing and just have a taste as i think there is way too much of that. i have to say of the 7 i've tried so far, all very moist which is a must for me, but the hunka chunka banana love and the kenturcky bourbon pie were my least favorites-too many nuts-the cupcake fell apart, no way to eat it. my quest is to try the 8 or so atlanta cupcake bakeries to see how they meaure up.

Marie said...

As someone who used to spend my allowance on the occasional tub of frosting to eat all by myself, I can't say there is too much frosting on the cupcakes, but certainly understand anyone who does! My sweet tooth was completely sated by the stuff, so it's likely most more rational people would want to scrape off at least some of it. You have my agreement about the nuts; they're not my favorite addition. I do plan to try the lemon dream flavor some time to see whether the citrus cuts the sweetness of the frosting a bit. The malt in the chocolate malt cupcake helps somewhat as well.

Davwud said...

We've been to the one in Hunstville, Al a few times. I find them to be quite good but a little too sweet. Topped off with the fact that they're pretty big it's a lot of sugar. My wife loves 'em though.


Marie said...

They are definitely aimed at people with a larger than average sweet tooth. In any case, I am glad your wife likes them, and thanks for reading!