Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rusty's Bar-B-Q, Leeds AL

Hello! We have moved! Come visit us in our new home!


rusty said...

Thank you for the review. By all means, stop by the competition, and then come on back to Rusty's afterwards. Try our ribs next time! I am sorry you did not enjoy our white bbq sauce. All I can offer on that is there are different recipes and styles for all things barbeque! But people really do enjoy it, especially with our smoked turkey and chicken. And, by the way, we do offer brunswick stew during the colder months, I just don't think there is much demand during these blazing Alabama summers. Thanks so much for coming! ~Rusty

Emily L. said...

Glad you stopped by Rusty's! We consider ourselves very fortunate to live in the same town with this great restaurant. My entire family was thrilled when it opened, as many restaurants over the years have occupied the building. Rusty truly has a wonderful thing going here. And I, personally, cannot get enough of his white sauce. The onion rings are not to be missed, but I have never had anything there that I didn't love. Happy Eating- hope to see you guys stopping at Rusty's next time through Leeds!

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

I'm glad to read that you enjoy them so much, because that is certainly some good chopped pork. I just figure, sometimes sauce has an off day. I'm sure we'll have better luck next time. Thanks for your comment!