Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pied Piper Eatery, Nashville TN

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Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from this review is a mention of the Pied Piper's delicious Mac N' Cheese!

apiper said...

Hey, this is Andy Piper, one of the owners of the Pied Piper Eatery. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. It is so gratifying and encouraging to see such good feedback of what my sisters and I have put a lot of hard work creating.

Just to let you know, the Mustang Sally Fried Pickles are named because of the line "ride, Sally ride" only on our menu it says "Fried, Sally, Fried!"

The Clay Aiken is the sister sandwich to our Rueben Studdard, which is a classic rueben sandwich. If you remember, Ruben Studdard was the winner of American Idol the same season that Clay Aiken was the
runner up. That is why we chose Clay to be the namesake of the Grilled Cheese.

You are, inded, correct in thinking that some of the names might be upgraded/ adjusted. We have rolled out a new menu that has even more delicious, guilty-pleasure comfort foods. Other exciting additions to our new menu are some healthier and less guilty-pleasure more 'plain ole pleasure' items. We have an expanded salad and vegetable menu and more.

Please please please ask for me or my sister, Becky, if and when you are in Nashville again and come by the Eatery. I would love to meet you in person and chat with you.

Happy Eats!

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

Thanks for clearing up those mysteries, Andy. And thanks for the terrific food!