Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nixon's Deli, Knoxville TN

Hi there! We have moved! Come visit us in our new home!


Mr. Bill said...

Nixon's...had one in 1985 and had the same reaction...soggy bread...what a waste of bread!!

Never been back...and I know why..they haven't changed a thing since the last encounter. ...I take that back...had to go with a few friends back in 1990...and told them not to put my sandwich in the steamer. Now I know why....old dry day old bread. They have a method to the madness!! If they bought GOOD bread...this wouldn't be an issue.

BillVol said...

I'm pretty sure Sam & Andy's originated the steamed sandwich in Knoxville. They used to have a great place on campus. It's gone but there are two in town still. One out west in Farragut. Many say this is the best steamed sammy in town. Another is Gus's Good Times Deli on campus. Ali Baba is another. It amazes me that Firehouse opened a place just steps from Gus's. How could you eat there (or Subway or Quizno's) when you have steamed sandwiches?

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

Mmmmmm. Our next meal in Knoxville is already booked - we'll be back in town in December - but maybe we can get Sam & Andy's sometime next year! Thanks for the suggestion.

Adam said...

I was actually in Knoxville for a lacrosse tourney many years ago, and had a steamed sub at either nixons or somewhere else. I loved it, and still think about it all these years later. (which is why i googled and found this website) I got the turkey.

The bread was soft and melted in my mouth, but it wasn't what I would describe as wet. It was like the bun on a white castle slider. I think the key was that the meat was sliced thin and was warm, so the whole sandwich came together in gooey ecstasy. I can see how some would be appalled, but the flavor really pops. It's like comparing a traditional burger with a sturdy bun to the white castle ones. In my opinion, the melting effect is a delicious one.

Can't imagine ever being back in Knoxville, but if I am, a steamed sub will be high on my list.

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

Among the many reasons I like sharing our stories on this blog is that we get great commenters adding their insight to the stories. Adam, "gooey" is exactly the word that I should have chosen. I was right not to have lettuce and tomato on my steamed sub, because the meat, cheese and bread were all so delightfully gooey.

It's a shame you can't see yourself back in Knoxville, though. It's one of our favorite places and just full of good grub. I hope the road will take you back there one day!

keith said...

The best steamed sandwiches in East Tennessee are in Oak Ridge (right outside of Knoxville). Billy's Time Out Deli. Do the Combo with must,mayo, lett, tomato. While your in town, try Big Ed's pizza, the soup kitchen, magic wok and the China Palace. Vic and Bills moved out toward East Town in Knoxville also does great sandwiches but Im often torn between them and the greek omlette!