Monday, April 12, 2010

The Taco Stand, Athens GA

Hey! We've moved! Come see us at our new home!

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laurajulie said...

just found your blog - neat to see someone review The T Stand! I worked with Bob at Milledge - he made the Monday morning shift bearable! As a 10-year veteran of the Stand (5 at Milledge, 5 at Eastside), I can tell you that the downtown location props up neither of the other 2 - it needs all that money for rent! In all seriousness, everything is made from scratch - maybe not Organic - but made from scratch and that makes it pretty cheap to make. 100lb bags of beans, 40 lb blocks of white cheddar, great quality ground beef, tortillas by the thousands - the food is for real, and pretty healthy, as Mexican food goes. I still go to the Milledge store at least once a month -it's in my blood - but I look for hats on, hands washed & hair pulled back; that dirty 'charm' wore off for me years ago!